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Health and Hygiene System

Health and Hygiene System:

Health and Hygiene is a key area of health concern for good and healthy human life. Rural communities have traditionally been underserved in terms of health services. A Study suggests that rural residents constantly an equal to or higher prevalence of serious chronic health conditions in comparision to urban dwellers. The contribution in healthy health care in rural areas are highly valuable. Nirdhan Kalyan Seva samiti aims following initiatives in optimum health care services in villages

Establishment of Health Care Centre

This is to ensure that establishment and health care centre which is profusely enabled with generic and branded medicine dispensary with permanent availability of a knowledgeable and experienced doctor to regular and emergency patients. The smooth function of this kind of medical set up based on population density creates secured and healthy atmosphere in rural areas.

Functioning of pathological Labs

Functioning of pathology labs along with Health care centre, helps enormously to the villages as various nature of Treatment, requires common pathological examinations and people have to travel distances, incur expenditures and consume valuable time and energy, but the presence of this service can help them avail instant medical facilities to avoid waste of time, money and energy.

Availability of Ambulance service

Facilitation of ambulance service to every health care centre quickly covers up the emergency or contingency health service. Due to irregular transportation facilities, patients are often not taken to suitable medical destinations in the face of serious health emergencies. Regular availability of free ambulance service can help save the lives of people in time.

Priority of women health care centre

Surveys say that rural women are Particularly susceptible to poor parental care due to fewer resources available to them. Obstetrics providers in particular are in very short supply in rural areas. Rural women face barriers in delivery. Many rural hospitals report shortage of service providers and trained staff. To address and resolve such issues, it is necessarily required to provide a particular women health care centre coupled with trained medical staff and mandatory facilities which looks after health of pregnant rural women, their nutrition, timely medical examination, uniformly distribution of sanitary pads, safe and easy deliveries, proper care of babies post birth, timely vaccinations and supply of pure drinking water. This women care centre is required to be made available on per 1,000 population for the best outcomes of rural health of rural India.

Toilet facility in each home

There must be a toilet in every home for best sanitation services in rural areas. In recent past, under the fruitful initiatives, by the government, villages have increased the numbers of toilets but there is still a large scope to be improved in this area of action. The Seva Samiti is committed to ensure that every home has a toilet to help the rural atmosphere be fresh and hygienic and make sanitation mission a grand success.

Regular conducting of health awareness program

This Seva Samiti believes in conducting quarterly health awareness program led by a team formed by Samiti to make people be aware of their good health, good activities, importance of hygiene and their necessary duties towards their health. With the regular review of quarterly health program, the goal and mission of healthy India in rural India will definitely be achieved.