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Education System

Education System

According to the Annual Status of Education Report(ASER), the number of students going to school in rural India is increasing. However, more than 60% of the rural students in 6th standards is not capable of reading the text books of 3rd standard, They don't know how to solve basic mathematical problems. This Seva Samiti focuses to empower quality rural education to village children. Here are the Samiti planned ways

Encouragement of free education:-

This process ensures the boost of financial support to the students of weaker sections of the villages who can not afford to books, clothes, fees etc, by proper identification team.

Conducting Awareness Program:-

Conducting rural education awareness programs is very important to promote rural education. This is to ensure the spread of the importance of education among the underprivileged children and make sure that maximum possible children go to school.

Providing Good Schools Facilities :-

Though, Government has infrastructure and provided school in rural areas to implement the Right to Education but the complete success of the Right to Education, is yet to be made. By providing schools in underprivileged areas suffering from schools and quality education and counseling to the parent for children better future and life, by schools management committee, has one of the strongest possibilities of rural education success.

Conducting Skill Development Workshops:-

Under this initiative, Schools Management Committee has to organize various activities for the personality development to children like learning activities, sports activities, computer skill development activities. This encouragement has bigger role in shaping the future of rural India.