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About Us

About Us

NIRDHAN KALYAN SEVA SAMITI was established on 16.11.2019 at Hyderabad, Telangana by the inspiration of  social charitable activities,  being carried out by the Late son of its  chairperson.  NIRDHAN” literally means  one who does not have money and has below average life standard.  It is evident in this materialistic  world that not having the money manifests, devoid  from all basic and required amenities to lead a satisfactory or respectful life in the human societies. “ KALYAN”  expresses  welfare.  “SEVA” means the selfless service. Nirdhan Kalyan Seva Samiti is committed and devoted to work for socially and economically weaker sections of rural India.   It  aspires to create ideal villages based on basic amenities and facilities available to mankind to earn a happy, hopeful and inspiring life with  helping hand of man power and technology. It looks the aspect and prospect of “KALYAN and “SEVA” in terms of commitment and devotion to Health-Hygiene services and awareness to the village, compulsory education to the village children, elevation of village socio-economic standards and formation of harmonious atmosphere in  rural India.

Our Mission

To enrich village with basic and advance health  and sanitation services. To Provide and ensure  the education a necessary habit to village children to develop economically feasible technologies for village development. To create opportunities for self-employment to village individuals. to create hygienic, eco-friendly and harmonious atmosphere in villages.

Our Vision

Our Seva Samiti is committed to achieve the goals through Seva vision to create an interactive atmosphere among the village individuals, health organisers, service providers, village beneficiaries,  students and farmers to develop the villages.